About us

Enterprises of all sizes give the same everyday fight: doing everything to be successful in all domains. Indeed, we all want to be the best, to get and maintain a splendid reputation, bring earnings according to our plans and make our employees happy.

However, paradigms of Big Companies and SMEs are quite different. While big ones will aim for quality systems certifications and strong security infrastructures to deal with the size and complexity of the Enterprise IT, SMEs will need to manage their IT and master the security risks without killing their business under loads of papers and infrastructure costs.

PROCSIMA-GROUP has been created to get on board with you and help you to achieve Enterprise Management and Security Excellence, at your size!

The Security of Belgian and Luxembourger Enterprises is not mature causing important financial loss. Companies are exposed to ransoms, e-frauds and face reputation issues. In 2018, European laws on Data Privacy will be reinforced forcing companies to pay penalties up to 4% of their turnover in case of private data disclosure due to lack of security measures. PROCSIMA-GROUP exists to minimize and mitigate all your risks.

Our Vision

In a world of increasing complexity, Cyber threats have become legions that grow every day. PROCSIMA-GROUP aims to become a leader in Belgium and Europe in Cyber protection providing high value services, solutions and consultancy.

Our Mission

We protect what is precious to you!
Your Information, your data, the availability of your business services, the good performance of your systems, these are vital things for your enterprise. We help companies to protect their business against external and internal attackers of all natures.

Our Values

To our customers: Proximity, honesty and excellence


PROCSIMA-GROUP means “close”. We listen actively to our customers to understand the impact of their problems, the pain the issues represent for the enterprise considering the specific context of it. We build a friendly, trustful and dynamic relationship with our customers.


PROCSIMA-GROUP believes there is not excellence without frankness. Our customers must know what the dangers are and what impact the resolutions might have on their organization, services and budget. We are also humble and are eager to make the customer environment improve. Honesty is the mandatory condition to success.


PROCSIMA-GROUP does nothing without aiming for the best. This means we bring solutions that are adequate to the enterprise and its context (examples: SMEs are different from big companies, healthcare sector is different from public).

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